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Our Mission
"Enhance and promote the health and wellbeing by innovation, consultancy, training and education using only an ethical and evidence based approach to support the Government’s Health, Work and Wellbeing Strategy."
What is Wellbeing?
The physiology of our body systems and risk of disease, especially cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Our mental health, emotions, behaviours and beliefs. Our interactions with people, co-workers, family and friends. The enviornment where we live, where we work. Our disposable income and financial health. Wellbeing is different from Healthy -
the absence of disease.

It is keeping in balance the physical, psychological, social, environmental, and economic factors which affect all of us in our busy lives. If one of these areas is out of balance, and disturbed then our overall wellbeing is affected and we need to do something about it.
Our Services
We offer a range of personal services from wellbeing workshops to high level consultancy in wellbeing strategy development.
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