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Our wellbeing workshops are designed to raise the understanding and awareness of personal and organisational health and wellbeing. They include training in all 5 aspects of the wellbeing model, and include
Wellbeing workshop for individuals/employees “The one that everyone enjoys - always superb feedback”

Wellbeing Workshops for Managers, HR and Health and Safety professionals including strategy and programme development

Master classes in wellbeing
for nurses physicians and other health professionals

Master classes in common health conditions - the metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, cancer.

Personal Resilience workshop - developing personal resilience and coping skills to managing stress and pressure

Stress management This traditional workshop helps individuals to understand, recognise and deal with stress.

Work life balance workshop
covers one of our most popular topics. It enables participants to identify work life balance issues and to take positive steps.

problems and sleep deprivation are becoming a massive problem in modern society. These workshops are designed to help individuals to identify the problem, learn how to improve their sleep and reduce daytime sleepiness and fatigue.