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The metabolic syndrome is probably THE most important medical condition which will effect the health and wellbeing of the United Kingdom in the next 20 - 30 years.
What is the Metabolic Syndrome?
It is a cluster of medical conditions that increase your risk of developing Heart Disease and Diabetes.
The facts about the Metabolic Syndrome
The metabolic syndrome increases your risk of diabetes 5 times and heart disease 3 times
It is present in 1 in 5 adults and 4 in every 5 diabetics.
The metabolic syndrome is linked to obesity especially if fat is stored around the abdomen (central obesity).
The obesity epidemic will increase the metabolic syndrome causing a diabetes epidemic.
The obesity epidemic itself will cause an increase in other medical conditions - certain cancers, sleep apnoea, gallstones, fatty liver disease and polycystic ovary syndrome
Rising childhood obesity is a metabolic syndrome time bomb as is type 2 diabetes.
Central obesity is related to ethnicity -greater in South Asians than Europeans, lower in Afro - Caribbean’s
It increases with age - so with the ageing population it is bound to increase.
It is ore likely in women after the menopause.
How do I know if I have the Metabolic Syndrome?
If you are known to have any 3 of the following then you have the Metabolic Syndrome
Overweight - your Waist measurement
Men Greater than 102 cms
Women Greater than 88 cms

Waist Management is very very important

Increased Blood Pressure
Greater than or equal to 130/85

Increased Blood Glucose
Greater than or equal to 6 mmol/l

Decreased levels of “Good” Cholesterol (HDL Cholesterol)
Men Less than or equal to 1 mm/ml
Women-Less than or equal to 1.3mm/ml

Increased Blood Triglyceride levels (a type of fat)
Greater than or equal to 1.7 mmol/l
(National Cholesterol Educational programme Adult treatment Panel (ATPIII) Guidelines)
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